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Autumn is here.

“And all at once summer collapsed into fall" - Oscar Wilde

Autumn is well and truly here .. wet and windy! Rain has stopped play lately but there are always jobs to be done on the potting bench. I have repotted my Auricula ready for early flowering next year, cleaned my collection of mini hostas and have been digging out the oxalis corymbosa which wants to inhabit all the paths and pots in my garden. This pernicious weed gets into every nook and cranny but it's very satisfying when this job is done.

I have also been planning a new raised sleeper bed to extend the cutting garden so I can grow more gorgeous flowers to bring into the house.

I love this time of year when the flowers begin to fade and the structure of my garden with all the box and yew balls and hedging really begin to take center stage. It goes without saying that these are uncertain times, but with the help and expertise of my daughter, we are working towards successfully launching more practical gardening courses for 2021. keep an eye on our website for more information coming soon.

Fran x

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